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04 February 2016 @ 01:00 pm
1st Weigh In  
The first weigh in for the challenge happened this morning. I didn’t go in with a bang, but I wasn’t expecting to.

Initial Weight: 139.8
Today’s Weight: 135.8

I’m not really turning up my nose at 4 pounds lost. I already feel my pants fitting more loose and better. Right before this year’s challenge started, the pants I was wearing were fitting really tight and uncomfortable. I used to love being in jeans and with the weight sneaking back in, I was excited to get off from wherever I was, get into either comfy shorts/pants and just veg.

My energy was dwindling. Considering I’m taking courses now, I was really starting to struggle staying awake at night in order to get my assignments done on time. I recently started going back to the gym. I had to make a tough decision and say goodbye to Anytime Fitness. I’ve been going there since 2011, and they’ve always been there for me. Through the coffeehouse night shifts (I used to go there around 2 in the morning daily). They’ve been there through me working at the bank, starting at the insurance company, to me always going there to get away from my shitty home situation, and all through my divorce. I knew a lot of people that went there, and they cheered me on through my weight losses every time I accidentally gained. The owner cheered me through last year’s weight loss challenge. So, it was pretty hard, but with the financial limits I have now, saving $20+/month has really helped.

Don’t get me wrong, this new gym is pretty nice. It’s a lot bigger, so there’s a lot more people always going in and out. I have seen a few regulars here and there, especially from going to some of the Zumba classes. I’m mostly focusing on cardio right now and rebuilding the stamina I used to have the last time I was going pretty diligently. I am trying some pre-workout powder before going to the gym now. The first couple times, it kind of made me weak and sick feeling, but the previous time, I was really able to stay on the treadmill longer, more comfortably, and I didn’t have any adverse reactions from it.

I’m definitely not going to rank as high as a lot of others have this month, but I am planning on staying pretty consistent with my diet and exercise, and maybe the others will wane off of the hardcore-ness, and hopefully, I can at least win my entry fee back, haha. I’m planning on posting progress pictures each month from when I posted the previous ones. I really need to focus on my stomach since that was the main culprit of my previous weight gain